Newcastle is a city for the businessman, the party-goer, the sports lover and the holidaymaker. But like all cities it can be expensive, and weighing up that balance between luxury and economy can be a tricky decision.

A top hotel might cost you hundreds of pounds a night – as well as your true independence and sometimes your quiet time and your opportunity to study or sleep.

That will perhaps suffice for a few days or a week or two – but what if you need to stay a month? Or three?

The ideal scenario is a high quality apartment that won’t break the bank, close enough to the centre of Newcastle to experience everything this great northern city has to offer, but with enough freedom to let you stretch out and chill, or work on a crucial project at your desk without hassle. That scenario is here.

Having a friends’ weekend out, or a stag do or hen night? The more the merrier, as we can offer exclusive deals depending on the numbers who are visiting.

For these exclusive room rates more than 6 people must stay for more than three days – why not give us a call and see what we can do (email). We are only a short taxi ride from all of the city’s main nightspots and restaurants, as well as the cultural attractions for you to peruse the day after.

Welcome to the New Mill Apartments.